Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo; Atheism

Terri Schiavo
Well, I'm rather disturbed by the whole series of events regarding Terri Schiavo. There seems to have been so much more heat than light shed around the debate about her fate. I strongly suspect that her family's belief that she is responsive is more a measure of their love and grief than her actual medical state. On the other hand, I'm not entirely confident that her husband has Terri's best interests in mind.

I remind myself that the courts have extensively reviewed both sides of the argument. Schiavo's parents have had ample opportunity to present their case. The courts have also not relied on Schiavo's husband as the sole witness to what her wishes were. Furthermore, Terri Schiavo has had two Guardians ad Litem.

I found the Raving Atheist, a blog that provides an "examination culture of belief: How religious devotion trivializes American law and politics. Quite interesting. I'll have to look at this site more closely. Atheism can provide a pretty devastating critique mythic religion, but (as I'm far from the first to point out) tends to be guilty of the pre/trans fallacy.
[As you can perhaps see from the links: Ken Wilber's theoretical formulations resonate very strongly with me.]